Collinder 399 with NGC 6802

2009-08-16, RGB

50 %

Image data

Photographer:Jürgen Stöger
Optics:Takahashi FSQ106ED f/5 (main)
Scopos ED66 (guide)
Mount:Fornax 51
Cameras:QHY8Pro (main)
Starlight SXV-M7 (guide)
Exposure:55 minutes
Conditions:hazy sky
Moon:below horizon
Date:16 August 2009
Remarks:tilt of camera, image processing together with Stefan

Cr 399 object information

Collinder 399, also known as Brocchi’s cluster and the Coathanger is a so-called asterism, a star pattern that is no open star cluster or a constellation. It is situated in constellation Vulpecula about 0,5° West of alpha Sge.

Collinder 399 contains up of ten 5th to 7th magnitude stars. It can be seen with the naked eye as a small diffuse patch, the “Coathanger” asterism is visible in binoculars or telescopes at low power.

The open star cluster NGC 6802 lies directly on the eastern side of Collinder 399. Trumpler classification of NGC 6802: III 1 m

RA: 19h25m24s
Dec: +20° 11′ 00″
Size: 60′

Collinder 399 map

© Roberto Mura