NGC 2903

2008-04-05, Luminance


100 %

Image data

Photographer:Jürgen Stöger
Optics:Orion ED80 Apo f/6 (main)
Scopos ED66 (guide)
Mount:Fornax 51
Cameras:Atik 16HR (main)
Starlight SXV-M7 (guide)
Exposure:Luminance = 120 min.
Conditions:bad transparency, hazy sky
Moon:below horizon during imaging
Date:5 April 2008

NGC 2903 object information

RA: 14h03.5m
Dec: +54° 21′
Size: 29 x 27′
Distance: 23 million light years

Messier 101, the Pinwheel Galaxy is a large galaxy in Ursa major.

The galaxy was discoverd by French astronomer Pierre Méchain on March 27, 1781. Charles Messier verified the discovery and included the Pinwheel galaxy in his catalogue of Deep Sky objects.

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