IC 1805, Heart Nebula

2015-10-15, Hα


45 %

Image data

Photographer:Jürgen Stöger
Optics:Takahashi FSQ106ED f/5 (main)
Scopos ED66 (guide)
Mount:Fornax 51
Cameras:Atik 383L+ (main)
Starlight SXV-M7 (guide)
Exposure:Hα = 260 minutes
Conditions:about 5 mag, windy
Moon:50 % illuminated fraction
Location:Katzelsdorf an der Leitha, Austria
Date:15 October 2015

IC 1805 object information

RA: 2h32.9m
Dec: +61° 29′
Size: 60 x 60′
Distance: 7500 light years

The Heart Nebula, IC 1805, Sharpless 2-190, lies some 7500 light years away from Earth and is located in the Perseus Arm of the galaxy in the constellation Cassiopeia. This is an emission nebula showing glowing gas and darker dust lanes. The nebula is formed by plasma of ionized hydrogen and free electrons.

IC1805, IC1848 location

IAU and Sky & Telescope magazine (Roger Sinnott & Rick Fienberg)

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