IC 405, Flaming Star Nebula

2011-01-05, RGB


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Image data

Photographer:Jürgen Stöger
Optics:Takahashi FSQ106ED f/5 (main)
Scopos ED66 (guide)
Mount:Fornax 51
Cameras:QHY8Pro (main)
Starlight SXV-M7 (guide
Exposure:RGB = 150 minutes<
Conditions:about 5 mag (Bortle 6-7)
Date:5 January 2011
Remarks:image processing cooperation with Manfred Wasshuber and Franz Gruber

IC 405 object information

RA: 05h16.2m
Dec: +34° 16′
Size: 37 x 17′
Distance: 1.500 light years

IC 405, the Flaming Star Nebula, also known as SH 2-229 and Caldwell 31 is an emission and reflection nebula in Auriga. It is located near the open star cluster Messier 38 and the emission
nebula IC 410. IC 405 is illuminated by the bluish 6.0-mag star AE Aurigae.

IAU and Sky & Telescope magazine (Roger Sinnott & Rick Fienberg)

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